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BV Decor Multifuncional / Multifuncional / PC186 multifunctional profile
PC186 multifunctional profile
Height: 190 mm.
Width: 50 mm.
Material: polyurethane
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PC 186 is a multifunctional profile that like other BV DECOR Multifunctional is used as cornices, skirting boards, and crown mouldings, as other decorative elements for walls, ceilings, doors and even furniture. PC 186 has an interesting unique shape; it has plain straight one side and four decorative stages on the other. This shape will allows realizing the most unusual design ideas, moreover, it easy to install indirect light into it to make lighting design.  Profile PC 186 is made of high quality polyurethane, lightweight, moisture resistant. Multifunctional profile doesn’t require special care; it is durable, moisture resistant, doesn’t cracks and can be painted in any color if it is needed.

This product was added to our catalog on 09.03.2018