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About company BV Decor

About us

BV Decor Company offers exclusive polyurethane and polystyrene materials for interior and exterior decoration of rooms or houses. The BV Decor company's assortment has more than 5,000 items of the exceptionally high quality products and constantly is expanded and updated. We offer you to choose from lots of items, such as: the exclusive elements for LED-lighting, cornices and moldings in classic and modern styles, ceiling roses, consoles, door frame, columns, pilasters, ornaments, panels, decorative beams and so on.

Usage of our decorative elements allows creating the unique interior and exterior design in different stylistic directions. Moreover, using them will become an excellent solution of some design and constructions tasks, such as: expansion of space, increasing the height of ceilings, walls separation, hiding of seams and irregularities, and many others.
Our advantages:
Favorable conditions for cooperation
• Warehouse stock
• Fast and convenient logistics
• Exclusive range of high quality products
• Informational support

The company offers the products of the following key directions:
BV Decor Interior - the most extensive collection of items of high quality polyurethane decor,which is used for creating interiors of different styles.
BV Decor Exterior - collection of facade polystyrene decor with a durable polymer coating based on the marble chips.
BV Decor Wood elements are the polyurethane elements imitating natural wood.
BV Decor Creator is a line of the original elements used for creating various kinds of compositions, ornaments, wall plaques for decorating walls and ceilings.
BV Decor Light - innovative profiles made of extruded polystyrene and polyurethane for LED lighting installation. BV Decor Light profile - is always interesting options for lighting installation, supposes easy installation and implementation of original design decisions, it accentuate individuality and highlight the room.

We guarantee the exceptional quality of our products. In contrast to the gypsum or wooden decorative elements, the polyurethane BV Decor company’s ones are light and durable, can be fast and easy mounted, are moisture-resistant, not covered with cracks in length of time, are ready to be painted, and, if necessary, can be easily replaced to a new one . The company works wholesale and retail, ensuring an individual approach to each client. We can complete a large individual order and provide our clients with detailed technical instructions of our products’ installation.

We offer our partners favorable working conditions, provide advertising support as well. We are focused on our buyers’ need of high-quality products acquiring and obtaining the
desired result of committing the purchase, so we offer you a professional architect, interior designer and exterior designer services as well.

The full products catalog you can download here
Please contact us and we will be glad to answer all your questions.