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BV DECOR CREATIVE, SL with exclusivity in Spain offers all kinds of interior and exterior polyurethane decoration materials of great variety and of the best qualities, such as flat cornices and with ornamentation, moldings, angular and circular elements, rosettes ceiling, framed portals, pilasters, columns, framing of frames, doors, niches, domes, ceiling decoration skirting boards, etc. We are convinced that our prices are lower and that the quality of our materials is the best in the market. The basic materials we always have in the warehouse and through the transport company TNT, we carry out all the shipments. For our Partners we offer important discounts on the PVP and different types of EXHIBITIONS If you are interested here you can download our CATALOG BV DECOR We are at your disposal to answer any questions or doubts.


Interior and exteriors with lighting profiles. BV DECOR LIGHT.

Unusual and stylish interior design and exteriors with lights. BV DECOR LIGHT.

Polyurethane figures

The company BV Decor represents a new line of polyurethane products, figures for interior and exterior.

Mirror frames BV Decor

We have news! The mirror frame is already available.

In elements of modern design ...

For many centuries, decorative moldings, stucco or plaster have been used to decorate facades and interiors of homes.

Falling prices by 50%

Fall of prices by 50%. Price drop by 50% in the entire range of the BV Decor Wood collection.

BV DECOR Multifunction Profiles

The same and only element can be used as a molding, cornice and base. Simple, easy and fast to install. Decorative architectural elements for LED indirect lighting.

BV DECOR Exhibitions

Information on the participation of BV DECOR in exhibitions. The photographs of stands and exhibitions and novelties BV DECOR, international exhibitions.

The line of profiles BV DECOR LIGHT

The "BV DECOR LIGHT" collection is completed with a series of new polyurethane profiles to be able to use LED lighting. The cornices, moldings, baseboards and frames ...

BV DECOR ORIENT is the newest ...

BV DECOR ORIENT, is the newest line of decorative ornaments and panels for the creation of sophisticated interiors or exteriors for an oriental style.

Fimma Maderalia 2016

BV Decor and Fimma Maderalia 2016. The expresamos nuestra más sincera gratitud for visitarnos en la Feria company Maderalia 2016 (Valencia).

Apliques of poliuretano

Exclusivos apliques de poliuretano. La colección "BV DECOR LIGHT" les ofrece los exclusivos et les exclusivos apliques de poliuretano avec las LED.


For the realization of different design solutions, "BV DECOR" offers a novelty, the "BV DECOR CREATOR" line, 10 decorative polyurethane elements for creative ...

PVC decorative profiles

The exclusive novelty of "BV DECOR" - the decorative profiles laminated with PVC You can choose any profile of the "BV DECOR interior" collection and also


The line "BV DECOR LIGHT", we offer the exhibitors with the profiles, we offer the exhibitors with the most successful profiles, with the RGB LED tapes and with a control

BV DECOR LIGHT is a line of profiles for the creation of designs

BV DECOR LIGHT" is an exclusive line of profiles for the creation of Modern and original designs of the interiors with the use of LED lighting.

The rotating display BV DECOR

"BV DECOR" offers to your attention the novelty - the rotating display. In which the main lines of the BV DECOR brand materials are presented: