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BV Decor Interior / Skirtings

Polyurethane sockets perfectly cover the joints between the walls and the ceilings. Polyurethane sockets are light, strong, withstand mechanical actions and moisture. Polyurethane sockets have different shapes, sizes and will perfectly fit inside any room. With the help of polyurethane skirting boards it is possible to cover joints, cracks, cables, pipes etc. Also with the help of polyurethane skirting boards you can cover the old base without disassembling it. Polyurethane baseboards are lightweight and can be installed easily. Polyurethane skirting boards are easy to paint with different paints that can be purchased in any warehouse of building materials. Polyurethane sockets are not afraid of moisture, they are not covered with cracks and in the case of need they are easily changed. Polyurethane skirting boards will bring elegance and originality to your home or apartment.

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