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BV Decor Light

LED illumination becomes more and more popular every day; it’s used as a main source of artificial lighting as well as for creating decorative one. An important thing of the design of any interior is the ability to build in the illumination into walls and ceiling in perfect harmony. A wide range of unique profiles for LED illumination and decorative lamps of BV Decor LIGHT line will help you to cope with the task perfectly.

The company represents to your attention two unique lines for installing light-emitting diode (LED) illumination. “Series D” presents the elements made of extruded polystyrene that are used for mounting lighting directly into walls and ceiling construction and other interesting variations of illumination installing. “Series F” is the line of polyurethane profiles used for decorative illumination, which assume easy installation and original design solutions. BV Decor’s products are lightweight and easy to be mounted. Any of our polyurethane decor elements is moisture resistant and doesn’t crack.

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