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BV Decor Interior

BV Decor Interior - the widest collection of unique decorative elements - is the basis of our assortment. Here you will find plain and carving cornices and moldings, ceiling roses, consoles, door frame, columns, pilasters, ornaments, panels, corbels, wall plaques, caissons, ceiling rails, skirting and lots of others. Some of them are also flexible. The all items are the high quality polyurethane elements that are used for creating a verity of interiors in classic, neoclassic and modern styles.  In contrast to the gypsum decor elements the polyurethane products are lightweight and easy to be mounted. Any of our polyurethane decor elements is moisture resistant and doesn’t crack. 

We also offer the unique opportunity to get any of our polyurethane elements being laminated (with a PVC pellicle) as well. A verity of colors and textures is available, fast and easy mounting, painting is not needed. BV Decor polyurethane elements give an opportunity to create lots of design solutions.