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BV Decor Interior / Pilasters

Pilasters of polyurethane - they are elements of decoration, that perfectly fit in the decoration of any room. Polyurethane pilasters are installed in the walls and have a crushed shape. Polyurethane pilasters unlike polyurethane columns and half polyurethane columns have a rectangular cross section. Polyurethane lenses are ideal for framing windows and doors. Pilasters of polyurethane have three parts. It is the base of polyurethane, body of polyurethane, capital of polyurethane.

Pilasters made of polyurethane paint easily with different paints that can be purchased in any warehouse of building materials.

Unlike decoration elements of plaster or stone, polyurethane pilasters are lightweight, are not afraid of moisture, are not covered with cracks and are easily installed.

Pilasters of polyurethane will bring elegance and originality to your home or apartment.

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