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BV Decor Multifuncional / Multifuncional / MS422 multifunctional profile
MS422 multifunctional profile
Height: 40 mm.
Width: 10 mm.
Material: polyurethane
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MS 422 is a multifunctional profile that has a width of 4 cm; the inner side has a niche that makes it easy to hide the wiring. The profile can be used as a cornice or plinth, skirting board or molding. It is easy to be used, flexible, easy to be installed. The profile is of white color but can be painted in any other one, does not require special care. The multifunctional profile looks very carefully and emphasizes the beauty of your interior. Profile is made of high quality polyurethane and will last for a very long time.

This product was added to our catalog on 08.03.2018