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BV Decor Multifuncional / Multifuncional / MS417 multifunctional profile
MS417 multifunctional profile
Height: 90 mm.
Width: 24 mm.
Material: polyurethane
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MS 417 is multifunctional profile with 9 cm width. It easily copes with such tasks as hiding wall to floor or wall or wall to ceiling joints, can mask irregularities. The feature of this profile, as well as of all series of BV DECOR multifunctional profiles is that it can be used either as a cornice, crown ceiling molding or as a skirting board. It is easy to use, durable and flexible; installation of the multifunctional profile will be fast and not difficult. Profile is perfect for home decoration, decoration of walls, ceilings or furniture, it looks aesthetic and pleasing. Using the multifunctional profile you can transform a room, or expand the space, visually divide it.

This product was added to our catalog on 08.03.2018