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BV Decor Multifuncional / Multifuncional / PC181 multifunctional profile
PC181 multifunctional profile
Height: 55 mm.
Width: 87 mm.
Material: polyurethane
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PC 181 is a multifunctional profile that can be used as a ceiling crown moulding, as a cornice, as a skirting board on the floor or as a profile for backlight installation. Its sizes are 87 mm*55 mm and its length is 2440 mm. Using this multifunctional profile it is easy to hide wires, joints and irregularities of the walls, bypass the column or to zone room space using the lights. Design of this profile involves a so-called angle positioned shelf, which greatly extends the usage of the profile. Use PC 181 to install lighting and create an incredible design lighting solutions, which are so popular now. You can use fluorescent or halogen lamps, LED or neon lights to do that. Multifunction polyurethane moldings are lightweight and durable, they are easy to be installed, do not require special care, if desired, can be painted in any color.

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