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BV Decor Multifuncional / Multifuncional / MS415 multifunctional profile
MS415 multifunctional profile
Height: 100 mm.
Width: 12 mm.
Material: polyurethane
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MS 415 is a multifunctional profile that has a width of 10 cm. The profile can be used as a cornice or skirting board or ceiling crown molding or as dividing line on a wall. It has two niches inside the profile that allow hiding the wiring. Multifunctional profile is perfect to use for decorating. Floor to wall joints can easily be hidden. BV DECOR multifunctional profile MS 415 is made of high quality polyurethane, lightweight, moisture resistant.  It certainly suits to interior of most styles. Multifunctional profile doesn’t require special care; it is durable, doesn’t cracks and can be painted in any color if it is needed. 

This product was added to our catalog on 08.03.2018